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Offering Integrated, Proven, Science -Based Therapies To Best Enhance Your Child’s Development 

Helping You & Your Family Improve The Quality of Life

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The Sooner You Enroll Your Child In The Therapy,  The Quicker They Will Get Specialised Help Needed To Comprehensively Stimulate The Developing Nervous System

Our Therapies Take Place: Monday –  Saturday 8am – 8.45pm & Sunday 8am – 6.45pm  

        Integrative Therapies Centre for Autism, Ltd is a private family business founded in June 2017 by parents of a child with Autism, following their stay in the USA where their younger daughter, diagnosed with ASD in 2015, had been receiving comprehensive integrated autism therapies. Her mother Gabriela, the founder of the therapy centre, worked as Executive Assistant in the Autism Research Institute in San Diego, California.  Through her work at one of the oldest world-renowned autism research organisations, Gabriela had the pleasure of collaborating with distinguished  Autism researchers, experienced clinicians specializing in various medical areas, autism professionals and other Autism parents. She attended multiple professional training courses for Autism interventionists across the USA and a few national Autism conferences, seeking the ‘’root cause’’ of her child’s diagnosis.

The idea of setting up a comprehensive integrative autism therapy centre in Ireland was born during their stay in California, following numerous meetings and conversations with Autism professionals and mentors. Upon their return to Ireland, the parents decided to set up the Integrative Therapies Centre for Autism Ireland, Ltd to continue the treatment for their child and help other children from Ireland reach their fullest potential by providing the model of Autism interventions used in California.

We have been fortunate to meet a few like-minded Autism professionals from Ireland who decided to provide the very needed comprehensive intervention and assessment to children from Ireland in our therapy centre.

ITCA offers a centre-based, integrated model of science-based Autism therapies: ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) as the Gold Standard – the number 1 Autism Intervention, Sensory Integration – the therapy to immediately begin with for many children with Autism, Speech Therapy, Listening Programs, and also additional therapies such as: Nutritional Therapy, Neurologic Music Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Family Therapy.

What makes us unique is that we offer ABA therapy delivered by RBTs (Registered Behaviour Technicians) who are supervised by BCBAs (Board Certified Behaviour Analysts) in implementing the individualised ABA therapy plan under the BACB (Behaviour Analyst Certification Board) guidelines.  This is the model of the ABA intervention delivered in the USA.

For children at risk of developmental delay or/and Autism, we offer Multi-disciplinary Assessment of Needs and specialised assessments such as: Speech & Language, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Processing Disorder assessments.

We understand that to best serve each individual client, it is very important to integrate all autism therapy services under one roof and include the caregiver and family in the development of each client’s intervention plan, so that everyone can be on the same page and parents can carry over the techniques in the home environment.

We strive to provide a safe, effective, and supportive therapy environment that enables our clients to get the most out of their Autism services and improve their quality of life.

Our Team

Gabriela Hennigan

Founding Director

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Una Reynolds

Cranio Sacral Therapy

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Milind Sonawane

Senior Speech & Language Therapist

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Natalie Nater

Behaviour Therapist

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Lisa O'Brien

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

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Laura Kelly

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

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Layla Quarry

Speech & Language Therapist

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Donna Faulkner

Family Therapist

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Stach Czechowski

Sensory Integration Therapist

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Compassion Ambassador

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