Eva O

Eva O holds a M.A. degree in Special Education and Therapy from Opole University in 2008. She completed post-graduate studies in Early Childhood Education at the Lower Silesia University of Education in Wroclaw, Poland. Eva has been employed in the Psychiatric Centre for Children and Adolescents in Wroclaw  as a Sensory Integration Therapist, where she has worked with children presenting with autism, aphasia, brain injury and developmental delays. She has worked with children qualified for the early intervention and special education services in Wroclaw in an early childhood education centre. Eva is also a practitioner of the Hand Therapy and the Shantala massage.

Professional Training:

  1. Qualified to practice Sensory Integration Therapy acc. Dr Ayres, Level 1- Neurobiological Foundations of Sensory Integration, 2008, Silnet Polish Association of Sensory Integration; Level 2- Diagnostics and Clinical Application of Sensory Integration Therapy, 2017, The Ray of Sun Foundation, Poland
  2. Qualified to practice Hand Therapy – Level 1 and 2- Diagnostics and Clinical Application of Hand Therapy; 2018, ProCentrum, Teacher Education Centre, Wroclaw, Poland

An Early Start Intervention method, Level 1 and 2; 2017; The Ray of Sun Foundation, Poland

III. Developmental Movement by Veronica Sherborne, Level 1 and 2; 2018; The Ray of Sun Foundation, Poland

  1. Practitioner Training of the Shantala Massage for infants and children