Gabriela is a founder of ITCA and a  Certified Practitioner in Applied Behaviour Analysis, Neurodevelopmental RMTi Reflex Integration , AIT – Filtered Sound  Training and Sensory Integration. With English language teaching qualifications and experience in 1995 – 2013 as well as a Master’s degree in Marketing and Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Business English & German, Gabriela has an extensive professional and personal experience since 2015 in the Autism field. While being an ASD parent herself, she understands the unique and very challenging role all Autism parents are in with raising special needs children.  In 2016 – 2017 Gabriela worked as an Executive Assistant at Autism Research Institute in San Diego, California. In 2015 – 2017 she completed numerous courses in the USA for Autism professionals & parents, attended TACA National Autism Conferences and the Son Rise programme.

In the areas of the Applied Behaviour Analysis, Communication & Relationship Development interventions, Gabriela has been trained by CARD Center for Autism and Related Disorders, in the Early Start Denver Model, Pivotal Response Training, Hanen More Than Words, Neurological Applied Behaviour Analysis and directly by Rachael Shealy, Ph.D, the founder of the RDI model.

Gabriela completed courses in EBPs Evidence Based Practices for Behaviour Modification for Children with ASD and a Registered Behaviour Technician training considered as  the standard requirement worldwide to practice ABA, set by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board.

 In the areas of Neurodevelopment and Occupational Therapy, Gabriela received a reflex integration practitioner training directly by Moira Dempsey, the founder of the Rhythmic Movement Training International.  The other training in the area of occupational therapy included Auditory Integration Training – Filtered Sound Training, Sensory Integration, Cranio-Sacral therapy and Sensory Integration for cranio-sacral therapists, Interactive Metronome, the Brain Gym and adapted Brain Gym for Special Needs, Astronaut training – a Sound Activated Visual – Vestibular Protocol. The concept of the development of the nervous system through the workup on the lower levels, such as the brain stem – considered the foundation for further neurodevelopment, have completely changed Gabriela’s perception about the occupational and neurodevelopmental therapies and opened her to new horizons.

Gabriela engages a parent during the therapy with the child. In the intervention for children with autism, she always analyses each child holistically with a special focus on the child’s underlying conditions. Gabriela recommends sensory motor development, sensory & reflex integration as early as the stage of infancy.