Absolutely brilliant session today thanks so much. Great to be able to be there and learn. Great progress so far with up to date research and techniques. Looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks Gabby ❤ Karen M from Dublin

Amazing Karen you can see how enthusiastic Noah is makes Gabby’s work so rewarding. Brilliant therapy centre I know so many people who could benefit from this centre. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to tomorrows photos

Bernie C from Dublin

We have only had three sessions of Sensory Integration and already our son is more engaged and talking more. We travel from Galway every weekend but so far it’s definitely worth it to us. Our 6yr old has received plenty of ‘assessments’ over the years but very little actually OT sessions. And no services at all over the last 2 years.

Anne B from Galway

The Centre was founded by the wonderful parents of the child with problems. These people are fully involved in helping their daughter and the other children. They have huge experience and knowledge, what makes the centre a perfect place for the therapy and support of the development of children on the autism spectrum. I recommend the place with all my heart!

Eva O from Poland

The Centre is run by the parents of the child with ASD. It’s important because they understand the other parents with similar kids. The knowledge and experience they have gained so far is used for the best and the greatest choice of methods and ways of helping others. In this way, they offer a unique service of the available therapies with the most up-to-date effective methods. 

Piotr W from Poland

Me and David got inside and started the assessment – first was sensory… there were plenty of questions, everything about David… A therapist Eva was working with David, checking him up… That was for 2 hours. This time David was calm, quite relaxed… Next was 15 min break – and again David refused to eat After that we went for an ABA assessment… That was a lovely room… With a lovely therapist Gabriela… Plenty of questions, plenty of advice… David was very relaxed there… He had a very good eye contact… Was doing puzzle, running around, he was listening well, Definitely it was a good time for David. Both assessments should be ready in 2 max 3 weeks and afer that we will start really a hard work… Up there and at home Gabriela gave us homework already Now what do I think about that? I did like it and David too And I’ve got a good feeling about David’s therapist Gabriela. She reall tried hard to make a connection with David, and I think she did David, when was leaving, gave her a kiss 

Elisabeth Mc from Belfast